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More Than a Hobby: How Quilting Can Act as Therapy

November 6, 2023

We can trace what we know today as quilting all the way back to the times of the European Crusades. Turkish soldiers would wear quilted padding under their armor to protect them from the cold. Since then, quilting has rapidly evolved from functional bedding to a form of self-expression.

This world-renowned craft is now more than just a hobby; for many people, quilting can act as a kind of therapy. Let’s take a look at some of the therapeutic benefits of quilting and how it can help you on your mental health journey.

A Form of Self-Expression

Understanding our emotions is the first step to healing and recovery, but pinpointing and identifying the way we feel can be difficult. Art acts as a language of the heart, giving us the tools we need to process our emotions in a healthy way.

Quilting, although it doesn’t require the use of paints and a canvas, is still an art form. It requires an artistic eye to put together a truly beautiful quilt and, therefore, can act as a medium for self-expression. Plus, engaging in activities that bring you joy doesn’t just distract the mind; it can bring you a sense of accomplishment, boosting your confidence and providing a sense of purpose.

Meditative and Repetitive Motions

When we engage in consistent, repetitive motions, we take our minds off the anxiety and stress we feel and focus on the present. Creating a quilt requires a lot of stitching and repetitive motions that can bring us into a quiet, almost meditative state.

When our minds are free of all the clutter and stress of our everyday lives, we can find a sense of peace. That sense of peace brings about mental clarity, allowing us to objectively look at our emotions and find solutions to our problems. If you’ve ever found your mind quietly wandering while sewing, that’s a good thing. Embrace it and let your mind wander—meditation isn’t about not having any thoughts but having the capacity to observe and move on from them.

Gifts That Comfort and Connect

Many people who create quilts will typically make plenty as gifts for other people. When we gift something to others simply for the selfless act of giving, it can give us a sense of fulfillment and pride and help us form relationships.

Humans are naturally social creatures, so relationships are vital to creating a support system and bringing us joy. If you’re new to quilting or want to expand your knowledge, sewing classes can help you connect with people with similar hobbies. This makes it easier to forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Now that you know how quilting can act as a kind of therapy, visit Montavilla Sewing Centers today, and sign up for our sewing classes. We have quilting classes and sewing classes for all different skill levels and can help you not only obtain a skill but also gain friends and a new outlook on life.