Lorena Corzatt

My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 12 and stayed with her for the summer. I sewed almost all of my own clothes in junior high and high school. Then of course, as life got busier, I sewed less but in the early 2000s I purchased a BERNINA sewing machine. I discovered quilting though one of the Quilt in a Day books. I started in late November and finished two double bed quilts for Christmas. They certainly weren’t perfect but I am proud to say they are still in service!

As a Promoted Instructor for Sew Steady, I love teaching beginners! My favorite moment in any class is when someone who has been struggling has that AHA! revelation. Learning to quilt with templates stretches us mentally but also physically, so it is a different kind of learning experience. I’d love to help you in a journey to FINISH THOSE QUILTS!