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Husqvarna Viking Epic 95Q

By Husqvarna Viking

SKU#: 957180112

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The HUSQVARNA® VIKING® EPIC™ 95Q sewing machine provides the best sewing experience in the market! Create quilts, garments, and more using inspiration from the world around you and the innovative machine features on our most advanced and comprehensive computerized sewing machine ever.


  • Interactive Tutorials - Learn how to sew collars, hems, exclusive stitch techniques, insert zippers, and more.
  • Sewing Instructions - Sewing projects with step-by-step instructions built-in.
  • Easy Access User’s Guide - Get access to the full User’s Guide directly on the machine with the easy access icon. Use the search function to effortlessly find the topics you want to learn more about.
  • Stabilizer Guide - The perfect tool when choosing the right stabilizer for your project.
  • Quick Start Guide - Learn how to set up your machine for basic sewing to start sewing sooner.
  • Accessory Guide - Full set-up and instructions for some of our more advanced accessories.

Machine Capabilities

  • Large screen - 10.1" capacitive touch tablet-like screen allows you to easily navigate on-screen using touch gestures like swipe, pinch, and spread.
  • Large working area - More than 12" (310mm) to the right of the needle and the market's tallest working area at over 5.5" (140mm) gives plenty of room for large, bulky projects.
  • Multi-Function Foot Control Capability - Control multiple functions of your machine like thread cut or reverse without taking your hands off your project.
  • Large thread spool capability - Built-in telescopic thread stand allows you to use larger thread spools without the bulk of additional accessories.
  • Large bobbin - Sew for longer periods without interruption.

Integrated Dual Feed

Feeds fabric from the top for ease when sewing multiple layers of fabric or specialty fabrics, eliminating the need for a separate dual feed presser foot.

Adjustable Laser Sewing Guidance

Project a laser guidance line directly on your fabric to easily line up your stitches. Move the laser projected line guide left or right to easily align lines of decorative stitches, consistently space lines of quilting, and more.

Sewing Performance

  • Fabric feeding - Exceptional fabric feeding is provided by the additional front feed teeth and an overall wider feed teeth system.
  • Needle piercing power - Electronic needle piercing power provides superior results when using heavy fabrics or multiple layers

mySewnet™ Enabled

  • mySewnet™ cloud-- Get a free mySewnet™ cloud account to use free apps and more.
  • Wifi access-- Connect to mySewnet™ apps, update your machine, and more.
  • mySewnet™ Blog-- Enjoy a live feed directly on your screen of news, free projects, and free stitches.



  • Interactive Tutorials, User’s Guide, Sewing Instructions and More with JoyOS ADVISOR™ Feature
  • Integrated Dual Feed Technology
  • Adjustable Laser Sewing Guidance
  • mySewnet™ Enabled - Cloud, Blog, Apps, and More!
  • Large Working Area - More than 12” (310mm) to the right of the Needle
  • Largest Height Under Sewing Head, 3” (77mm)
  • Multi-Function Foot Control Capability
  • 9mm Standard Width for Decorative Stitches
  • Over 840 Stitches up to 54mm Wide
  • 5 Sewing Alphabets
  • Exclusive, Patented Stitch Techniques
  • 3 Free-Motion Settings
  • Top and Bobbin Thread Sensors
  • Automatic Presser Foot Lift
  • Larger Bobbin
  • Easy Access to Sewing Functions
  • Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes
  • Stitch Positioning
  • 37 Needle Positions
  • Stitch Balance for Multi-Directional Stitches
  • Tapering on Decorative Stitches
  • Free-Motion Sewing with Decorative Stitches
  • Straight Stitch Plate and Sensor
  • Fully Automatic Needle Threader
  • Jam Proof Rotary Hook
  • Two USB Ports
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Maximum Machine Stability
  • Designed and Engineered in Sweden
  • Customized Accessory Tray with Unique Compartments (presser feet in alphabetical order, straight stitch plate, and Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot hook)


  • Most Built-In Tutorials on Screen - JoyOS ADVISOR™
  • Most Front Fabric Feeding Segments
  • Highest Needle Piercing Power
  • Best Machine Connectivity with the mySewnet™ Cloud
  • Exclusive mySewnet™ Blog
  • Automatic Wireless Machine Update
  • Accessory Guide on Screen
  • 10.1” (136mm) Capacitive Touch Tablet-Like Screen
  • Tallest Working Area Height, over 5.5” (140mm)
  • Unique Built-In Telescopic Thread Stand
  • Thread Portioning System - deLuxe™ Stitch System
  • Brightest and Most Evenly Distributed Lighting
  • Most Advanced Stitch Techniques
  • Most Free-Motion Settings
  • Lightest Machine in its Class**
  • Bobbin Winding Through the Needle
  • Longest Inch/Cm Ruler Printed on the Machine
  • Free-Motion Sewing with Decorative Stitches
  • Rubberized Handwheel
  • Largest Stitch plate with Markings - up to 2 ½” (65mm) on Both Sides


  • 11 Feet:
    • Utility Foot A for IDF System
    • Decorative Stitch Foot B
    • Buttonhole Foot C
    • Blindhem Foot D
    • Zipper Foot E for IDF System
    • Non-Stick Glide Foot H for IDF System
    • Edging Foot J for IDF System
    • Adjustable 1/4" Foot for IDF System
    • Darning Foot R
    • Side-Motion Foot S
    • Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot
  • Self-Adhesive Glide Plates
  • Thread net (4)
  • Universal tool
  • Seam ripper
  • Brush
  • Bobbins (9)
  • Edge/Quilting Guide
  • Multipurpose tool/Button reed
  • Thread cone holder (2)
  • Spool cap, small (2)
  • Spool cap, medium (2)
  • Spool cap, large (2)
  • Large spool holder (2)
  • Straight stitch plate
  • Complimentary software (PC ad MAC) to download, see in the built-in user's guide
  • Soft cover for machine
  • Foot control
  • Power cord
  • Needles


Instruction Manuals

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