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Pfaff Creative Icon

By Pfaff

This product has been discontinued.

Please see the new Pfaff Creative Icon 2.

You are your truest source of inspiration. You have the confidence to let your imagination run free. You strive for mastery of your craft. And you are the reason we designed the PFAFF® creative icon™ sewing and embroidery machine, a high-performance instrument worthy of your artistic ambitions. Seamless connectivity. Unparalleled power. Maximum workspace. Impeccable results. All at your service beginning October 2, 2017. The PFAFF® creative icon™ sewing and embroidery machine. It’s where perfection meets freedom. Check for more info

PREORDER TODAY and receive the Perfection Gift Package valued at $2500!

The newest, most advanced PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machine combines the PFAFF® legacy of high performance with all the best-in-class features you demand. Each week, we’ll reveal more of what the PFAFF® creative icon™ sewing and embroidery machine can do.

Be the first to own the best from Pfaff®. Preorder the most powerful, most precise, and most top-of-the-line sewing machine that the PFAFF® brand has ever introduced TODAY to receive your PFAFF® creative icon™ sewing and embroidery machine Perfection Gift Package. To reserve your PFAFF® creative icon™ sewing and embroidery machine, simply contact Montavilla to preorder and make a financial deposit. We’ll send you the gift package, a $2500 value available through October 1 while quantities last.

The Perfection Gift Package includes:

  • Exclusively designed Swarovski® bracelet Crystal lanyard with custom PFAFF® snip
  • Premium PFAFF® Scissor gift set
  • INSPIRA® Stabilizer 3-pack gift set
  • USB stick with 12 unique designs
  • Collection of more than 500 embroidery designs
  • Luxury embroidery thread gift set in the creative icon™ sewing and embroidery machine palette
  • Spacious PFAFF® Premium Roller Bag

Designed for the Artisan

Enjoy the sophisticated yet timeless style you'll come to know and love. The ergonomically enhanced design is lighter-weight with a rubberized wheel, full body handle, and curved workspace.

800+ Embroidery Designs

Customise your projects with 27 built-in embroidery techniques; 790 (42 exclusive) embroidery designs; and unique specialty stitches such as Radiant, Triple Ribbon, Floating, Lace and Off-The-Edge techniques.

Biggest and Brightest Workspace

View your entire workspace over the widest area possible (12.2" from needle to arm and 5.5" of height) regardless or project size and without any impediments in your line of sight. Plus, the PFAFF creative icon machine has positioned innovative lighting at the most beneficial points for viewing angles so well-designed it can accommodate any project.

Swipe, Pinch and Zoom

Swipe, zoom, pinch, and personalize on the 10.1” full color screen. Create what you’ve always imagined with the largest, most customisable and intuitive tablet-like display.

WiFi & MySewNet Connectivity

Connectivity means machine updates, real-time alerts, and status updates on your projects when you're on the go. Also included is:

  • mySewnet cloud storage
  • PFAFF SewNotice alerts and auto software notifications
  • PFAFF ImageSitch for integrated apps

Enhanced IDT™ Technology

Expand your creative horizons with this legendary PFAFF feature. Now enhanced to be even better, our Integrated Dual-Feed Technology continues to improve by feeding on all types of fabrics for precise stitching and perfect seams every time.

Power, Stability, and Precision

Make the most of PFAFF strength with the most forceful needle pressure ever (150 nwt - 90% increase). This produces stellar results even when manipulating difficult fabrics. The revamped design also reduces vibrations, giving you the stability you need to deliver the most precise results.


Over 35 Market Leading Features** vs. Other Top-of-the Line Models Including:

  • Largest working area at 12.2in width and 5.1in height (310mm and 140mm)
  • Largest maximum embroidery area, with optional Grand Dream Hoop 14.11in x 13.78in (360mm x 350mm)
  • Largest embroidery area with included hoops 14.11in x 10.2in (360mm x 260mm)
  • Increased height under sewing head at 3in (76.2mm)
  • Innovative lighting designed for brightest work space and the most even light disbursement
  • Lighter weight Top-of-the-Line machine at 34.2lb (15.5kg)
  • Most intense needle force
  • Exclusive embroidery techniques (27)
  • Most advanced Shape Creator
  • Larger stitch plate with markings on both sides up to 2-1/2in (63.5mm)
  • Multi-touch tablet-screen with swipe, pinch and zoom functions

Over 25 Features Exclusive to the PFAFF® creative icon Model Including**:

  • Custom Graphical User Interface specific to the model
  • PFAFF® creative iconTM Help Center with tutorials, techniques, Quick Start guide, and User’s Manual
  • Largest dynamic, on-screen embroidery edit area
  • Unique apps for connectivity: PFAFF® SewNoticeTM app, PFAFF® ImageStitchTM app and PFAFF® CreatorCueTM app
  • Exclusive ActivStitchTM System for ideal thread portioning
  • Enhanced Original IDTTM System for perfect sewing
  • Enhanced Shape CreatorTM for more precise results
  • Signature collection of exclusive designs (47)
  • Exclusive fonts: Adina and Ellipse
  • Change placement and size of on screen tools
  • Unique stitch technique – Triple Ribbon Stitches (10)
  • Unique stitch technique – Floating Stitches (23)
  • Unique stitch technique – Radiant Stitches (13)
  • Unique stitch technique – Lace Edge (6)
  • Unique stitch technique – Stacking Stitches (30)
  • Rubberized storage compartment
  • 360-degree machine redesign with ergonomic styling
  • Full-length handle for balance and easy to carry

Over 120 Improved Features* Including:

  • Tablet-like screen with the ability to use multi-touch gestures
  • Smart tool boxes
  • 10.1in (257mm) display screen area, a 68% increase
  • Larger single position embroidery area at 14.11in x 10.24in (360mm x 260mm)
  • Larger working space area, a 69% increase in length x width
  • More space for your hands under the sewing head, 3in (76.2mm)
  • Grid function with ability to set grid size
  • Enhanced viewing angles below sewing head
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 30% larger bobbin
  • Improved work lighting with 9 points of light for brightest, most evenly dispersed display with no shadows
  • New telescopic thread guide and thread paths
  • Ability to use large thread cones without the need for extra attachment
  • Less vibration with a new base plate design for stability and strength
  • WiFi for automatic software updates
  • mySewnetTM cloud storage to send embroideries to/from your machine automatically over WiFi
  • PFAFF® SewNoticeTM app to monitor the process of your embroidering
  • PFAFF® ImageStitchTM app to digitize photos from your mobile device into monochromatic designs
  • Increased needle force by 90%
  • Redesigned mechanics for increased sewing performance
  • Additional Double Ribbon Stitch techniques (14)
  • Improved stitch quality of handlook stitch with increased tension
  • Includes Supreme Hoop 14.17in x 10.24in (360mm x 260mm) • Includes Elite Hoop 10.24in x 7.87in (260mm x 200mm)
  • Includes Square Hoop 4.27in x 4.27in (120mm x 120mm)
  • Includes 26 custom accessories
  • Bobbin winding through needle
  • Significantly increased storage space in accessory tray • Rubberized storage insert tray
  • Redesigned Knee Lift for ease of use
  • Specific storage for straight stitch plate
  • Extended lines on the stitch plate – up to 2-1/2in (65mm)
  • Rubberized handwheel designed for better grip
  • Rubberized handle for more comfortable grip when carrying machine
  • New handle design and location for easy transport and balance

* ”Improved Features” when compared with PFAFF® creative sensation pro IITM and other PFAFF® machines.

** ”Market Leading” and “Exclusive” features when compared with other top-of-the-line models: Brother Innovis XV-8500D, Babylock Destiny II, Janome Horizon MC 15000, Bernina 880 Plus and Husqvarna Viking® Designer EpicTM.



  • 0A – Standard Presser Foot for IDT
  • 1A - Fancy Stitch Foot for IDT
  • 2A - Fancy Stitch Foot
  • 3 – Blindhem Foot for IDT
  • 4 – Zipper Foot for IDT
  • 5A – Sensormatic Buttonhole Foot
  • 5M – Manual Buttonhole Foot
  • 6A – Embroidery/Sensormatic Free Motion Foot
  • 6D – Dynamic Spring Foot
  • 8 – Maxi Stitch Foot
  • ¼” Quiting Foot for IDT
  • Bi-Level Guide Foot for IDT

3 Hoops:

  • creative Supreme Hoop (360x260)
  • creative Elite Hoop (260x200)
  • creative 120 Square Hoop (120x120)


  • Luggage Style Carrying Bag with Package Insert for Embroidery Unit
  • Thread Net (4)
  • Soft Cover for Machine
  • PC Software to Download
  • Screwdriver
  • Seam Riper
  • Brush
  • Bobbins (9)
  • Edge/Quilting Guide
  • Thread Cone Holder (2)
  • Power Cord
  • Foot Controller
  • Needles
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